The quality and authenticity of every component that leaves our warehouse is our #1 priority.

We offer a variety of In-House and Value Add Services to ensure authenticity and satisfaction.

Our extremely thorough incoming and outgoing inspection processes are tailored to customer requirements.

We are always looking for self-motivated and hard working individuals to join our dedicated staff.

About Us

As an international integrated supplier of sensors, measuring systems, laser printers, microscopy systems and stand-alone imaging systems, we continue to drive innovation and development in factory automation. We are committed to developing high-quality and reliable products to meet the needs of customers in all kinds of manufacturing industries.

Quality Control is the prime focus at Sure Technology. Our Quality Management System provides the framework for consistent and reliable transactions. Our inspection process includes a rigorous counterfeit detection process. Inspection personnel are continually trained in the latest detection methods. Most often, we can supply products with full manufacturer's traceability, airworthiness, or test certifications.


The purpose of Sure Technology is to build a customer base of satisfied customers by delivering stent timely shipments of authentic, high-quality products that meet their requirements and which are processed by a unified team of knowledgeable and inspired people. The processes and resources used to supply these products shall be organized, monitored, measured, and continually improved upon in a manner that reduces risks, costs, and inefficiencies.

Inspection Process

Our incoming and outgoing inspection processes are tailored to customer requirements using flow downs and unique process set-ups. Our inspectors are well trained with years of hands-on experience.


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